Download Lucky Patcher For PC, Laptop on Windows 7 8 10 MAC

Lucky Patcher - Have you ever heard that you can use lucky patcher on your PC as well. If no, then you are at the right place. In this article, I m going to show you how to download and install lucky patcher apk on your PC and Laptop. Before showing you the process of downloading and installation process, let’s know more about lucky patcher app. Lucky patcher is a very useful and convenient app through which you can get deep access or control over your phone/PC and also on apps available on the device. Most of the people think that they can only use lucky patcher app on their android device. But friends there is a hack by which you can use lucky patcher app on your PC too.

You can easily use this app on Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or MAC devices. Lucky patcher is one of the most trending apps nowadays. Millions of people are enjoying this fantastic app across the world. I always used to face a terrible problem of adds while using apps or while streaming online stuffs. I am sure that this would also be your problem. Lucky patcher apk allows you to get rid of these disgusting adds. Not only this you can also control on data consumption by system or apps. The experience of using any app is enhanced when we use it on a big screen. Using Lucky patcher on PC also enhance the user experience and also enhanced the power of your system.



Over the years, emphasis has been laid on the subject of keeping in shape, staying fit, eating right and staying healthy. Several health awareness programs has been organized and the importance of staying healthy has been so magnified. However, it is easy to talk about the benefits of staying healthy, keeping fit, working your muscles and eating right. It is hard get up one morning and decide to do a little workout and even more difficult to plan a healthy meal and stick to it. Humans have been known to create inventions, inventions to help ease stress, minimize effort and save time. The modern world of technology allows us these benefits, and this present generation can afford the luxury of doing almost every from their mobile android devices.

In line with minimizing stress and time, our android devices allows us access to several health apps. The essence of these apps is to give you that extra motivation you need. It is popularly said that “if you embark on a journey or exercise, how far you have come can be a big motivation”. In other words, keeping track of your success can be a big motivation when you are trying to live healthier. Most of us lead a very busy lifestyle, always working on the clock and we can easily forget our meal plan, workout session and routine.

Using these 10 android health apps would serve as a reminder that you have not yet completed those daily health tasks, and especially for those looking to cultivate the habit of living healthier, just before living healthier turns into a habit, the constant reminder and assistance provided by these apps would help to speed up the process. Having android health apps on your mobile device is like having your personal trainer and Health advisor with you always as we are always with our mobile device. Here’s a list of 10 most usefulfree android health apps to help live healthier.

Jog Tracker 1.0.4

One of my personal favorite android health apps is the Jog Tracker. It’s just right for runners, cyclist and walkers. One of its awesome features is that it uses your mobile device’s GPS to track your location and when it is connected to Google maps, it shows you your jogging route and shows you the way so you don’t get lost while you are exploring new routes, or in case you take a wrong turn. Other features are

It shows distance in miles and kilometers

It allows Facebook and Twitter integration

Utilizes voice prompts at intervals

Calculates your progress in terms of calories burned.

Allows you to view your jog history on the web

Allows you to set your goals and track your progress

Note that your jog history is private, only friends see your history.


Sporty pal is easily one of the most popular android health apps, with huge following among runners and cyclists. If you are looking to crush your old record running time, tracking you progress is more thorough with sportypal. Sportypal is an activity tracking app, easy to use and provides features such as distance traveled, time data and other basic details like calories burned.

Buddy Runner

This is an awesome health/fitness app. Buddy runner could easily replace a high profile personal trainer and not to mention that it is a free app. The app contains a personal dashboard that saves your workout history and shows your results. It includes an audio feedback feature that reads your progress during workout. Unlike sportypal where you can calculate your pace when you get the pro version, buddy runner free app comes with this function. If you are still wondering why I said Buddy runner is an awesome app, it is a GPS enabled personal trainer, that also records your route, distance, time and many more.

Cardio Trainer

If you are looking to lose weight and improve blood circulation in your system, you should try out cardio trainer with its wide-ranging features from the very much needed auto-pause feature to voice updates. It is not only good for runner, but also an amazing app for general weight loss. Anyone and everyone who want to develop the habit of healthy living should have this app on their mobile devices.


This is a basic android app. Its primary purpose is to track weight loss. So if your goal is to trim of the edges and burn a few pounds, you should make use of this app. You can input your weight data and update your record as you progress.

Calorie Counter by Fatsecret

Losing weight is more effective when you can track your progress. Calorie counter by fatsecret is a 100% free app, it is a user friendly app. If you have been trying to diet and you have been finding it out to keep up with your diet, calorie counter allows you organize your diet plan. As one of the most effective dieting apps, calorie counter also helps you track your weight loss and track your diet in order to effectively follow through with that dieting plan.

Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock

The amount of sleep you get determines how effective you will be undertaking your various daily tasks. This app unlike the aforementioned fitness app, helps you organize your sleep. Instead of laying wide-eyed in bed for hours without getting any sleep, this app is designed to put you to sleep with a mix of ambience and white sound, soft playing sounds for your relaxation. If you’re too stressed to sleep, you should give this app a try.

First Aid

Personally I would recommend this app for everyone with an android device. If you are as confused as a chameleon in a bag of skittles when it comes to basic first aid, this app is designed to provide you with those basic skills and knowledge on health related topics ranging from CPR to dressing a small scratch on the skin. This app might even allow you play the hero in a time when one is very much needed.


Research has shown that one out of two physicians in the US use Epocrates to allow for better care of their patients. This apps is just amazing. It is well packed with a list of over the counter single prescription packages, to help you identify that pill the doctor recommended for you that time you went for your check-up. If you are someone who is usually on a lot of medication or catering for someone who is under medication and you are finding it hard to keep up with these medications and you even want to know more about them, epocrates is your pal.

Menstrual Clender

Unlike the previous apps, this android app is nothing like the apps mentioned above. Like the name suggests, this app helps you track, calculate your period, menstrual cycles, temperature and daily fertility so you won’t get caught unawares next time your calendar turns 28.